Brain probes

Tools for neuroscience

One long-term goal of neuroscience is to understand the complex procedures of the brain and also to treat or even heal the illnesses that develop there, such as epilepsy. To this end, the function of the brain and in particular the forwarding of electrical signals (brainwaves) are under intense scrutiny. The silicon needles developed by Hahn-Schickard with European partners feature many minute electrodes along their shafts; these are used to measure brainwaves. The needles are 250 x 250µm² in diameter, and 8mm in length. In their interior, there are liquid channels with a diameter of 50 x 50µm². Liquid active ingredients can be released into the brain through these channels, which direct outwards in the front area of the needle. The needles from Hahn-Schickard have already been successfully tested in neurological research.


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