Intradermal and transdermal drug dosing

In the skin instead of under the skin

We work together with our spin-off company, Verapido Medical GmbH, to develop and produce equipment, systems and technologies that can be used to administer into the skin rather than under the skin.

In the scientific literature, it has been shown in studies that intradermal administered substances in general, show much faster availability and more efficient action compared to subcutaneous administration. Further, there is general evidence in the scientific literature for intradermal administration that biotech molecules, such as insulin, antibodies, proteins or hormones, can be absorbed much faster by the body when administered intradermally compared to subcutaneous administration. Substances that are administered into the skin can also target the immune system more efficiently. Clinical studies have shown that when administering intradermally, it is possible to reduce the vaccine dose by up to 90 percent and still achieve the same or even better effects compared to injection into the muscle.
To administer into the skin, we use microneedle technology and microcannulas that are inserted precisely into the dermis – a layer of skin just under the surface of the skin. This means that only the top layer of the skin is penetrated in this minimally invasive method.
Our developments range from patch-based microneedle arrays to intradermal delivery devices with fixed or variable depth settings for injection or infusion, to medication dosing systems for electronics-free (time-delayed) chronotherapy.


Dr. Markus Clemenz
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