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Chemical-resistant pressure sensor for fill level measurement in washing drums

We have developed a chemical-resistant pressure sensor for Seuffer GmbH & Co; this device measures the fill level of washing drums and integrates into the sensor environment already in place. In order to save costs and make assembly easier, it can be used to summarize the sensors for temperature, water volume, and level of cloudiness as one sensor node. This consolidation of sensors reduces the number of components and connections, providing a significant advantage over the competition during the installation and maintenance of the machines.

As the suds in the rinsing machines and washing machines are very aggressive, and the membrane of the pressure sensor comes into contact with these suds, the sensors must be particularly resistant to chemicals. It is not just mechanically that the pressure sensor is integrated with other sensors directly on a PCB: all the sensors are electrically assessed using a microcontroller. The membrane of the pressure sensor has been designed in such a way that the fill level of the suds can be measured up to 50 cm. The pressure sensor is, however, not just restricted to measuring the fill levels of fluids: it also has a variety other functions. For example, the membrane can be adjusted appropriately for pneumatics, pressure monitoring in truck brake systems or even climate technology.

Current developments in the area of intelligent home control using a smartphone make it possible to control household devices remotely. New sensors and their networking can extend functionality to remote monitoring as well as remote control.


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