Instruments and measures

We are committed to creating a tolerant and open working atmosphere for employees of different gender, age, skin color, faith and sexual orientation, as well as people with and without disabilities.

A diversity of perspectives, skills, talents and experiences fosters community, creativity and innovation, thereby strengthening the performance of the organization as a whole. To further develop diversity at Hahn-Schickard, we have established an Equal Opportunity Plan, which includes the following tools and measures. In this way, we aim to prevent social discrimination and improve equal opportunities.

Bringing harmony to work and life

Flextime: Hahn-Schickard has a very adaptable flextime arrangement that supports families, single parents or cohabiting couples in their life planning. In phases of overtime, hours can be booked to a flextime account without having to apply for it first, which can be flexibly reduced again as required.

Parental leave and part-time work: The possibility to apply for parental leave at Hahn-Schickard is flexible and adapted to the needs of the employees. Working part-time during parental leave is supported. Other individual life situations, such as caring for relatives, can also be made possible through part-time work. Flexible working time models are provided for this purpose and consideration is given to the relevant personal circumstances within the framework of operational concerns.

Long-term accounts: Based on the “Work Agreement on Time Off from Work,” we are giving employees the opportunity to set up long-term accounts and to contribute certain entitlements to these long-term accounts. The aim is to provide an attractive offer for paid time off within or at the end of the employment relationship against the background of socio-political and legal changes. Within the framework of the entire working life of the employee, this is to be made possible through various instruments - such as paid time off for family and care periods, qualification phases, sabbaticals and flexible transitions into retirement.

Remote working: Hahn-Schickard allows a flexible choice between office-based and home office hours, provided this is compatible with the employee’s activities. This enables all employees to work according to their circumstances..

Human resources development

Hahn-Schickard promotes gender balance and programs to advance the underrepresented genders in their careers. Managers are actively recommended a wide range of further training measures. Women are particularly encouraged to take on leadership responsibilities.

Our Equal Opportunities Officers

The point of contact for equality issues

Our Equal Opportunity Officer further develop our Equal Opportunity Plan, trains employees, and serve as a point of contact for equal opportunity issues. The Equal Opportunity Officers report annually to the Institute's management and executive board on the status and progress of the Equal Opportunity Plan, provide support for interviews as needed, and receive support from the management and Institute's executive board in their duties.