Point-of-need diagnostics of human and vector infections for patient management and epidemics control

Using microfluidic-based platforms and molecular tests we manage to define the nature of an infectious pathogen (bacterium, virus and parasite) and possible antibiotic resistances.

In specific cases, the same platform can be used to diagnose even the disease carriers themselves (vectors) and their susceptibility to insecticides. In the field of human infectious disease diagnostics on our centrifugal LabDisk platform, we are working exclusively with our spin-off Spindiag (www.spindiag.de).

Although the symptoms might be similar, the cause of the disease can be of viral, bacterial or parasite origin. Without diagnosing the exact cause of the disease, the practitioner might administer the wrong treatment, leading to increase of antimicrobial resistances or even worse, severe complications and patient death. Especially in case of acute infections, every minute that passes from sample collection until its analysis may be crucial for the patient’s life. Our molecular diagnostic point-of-care platforms enable the rapid identification of the pathogen, for fast and effective clinical decision-making.

We accurately detect the infectious pathogens to enable a timely targeted therapy.

Our expert team together with our large international network of partners and our spin-off SpinDiag GmbH (www.spindiag.de) makes us strong partners for your enterprise. DNA-and protein-based molecular diagnostic technologies are transferred from the bench onto our platforms. We are experts in system integration using microfluidic platforms and molecular assays that can be tailored to your needs.

Hahn-Schickard – Your reliable partner for system integration

You are an assay provider that needs automation by microfluidic integration? You are a system developer that needs support in assay development? Or you are an end-user representative (clinic, hospital, general practitioner, central laboratory) that needs rapid, highly specific and multiplexing diagnostic technologies? Then contact us!

In the field of human infectious disease diagnostics we are working closely together with our start-up Spindiag to provide hospitals and doctors with fast, safe and efficient diagnostic solutions.

A representative example (tropical infections diagnosis) of our application portfolio is described in the video of the following link, sponsored by the European Commission

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